Changes in Traffic Rules From 2019 Heavy Fines For Traffic Violations

Changes in Traffic Rules From 2019 heavy

fines come into effect from today The New law

aims to create fear in people who violate traffic Rules.

Government is predicting by imposing heavy Fines

it will result in reduction of accidents

  • Driving Without a seat Belt – Earlier Driving without a seat Belt Fine was 100 Rs and now it is changed to 1000
  • Earlier Use of Mobile While Driving was 1000 and now it is . Changed to 1000 – 5000 Rs
  • Drink And Drive fine has been hiked from 500 to 5000 Rs
  • Driving Without Helmets now fined Rs 1000 Rs Driving Without Insurance 2000 Rs , Overloading of vehicle 20,000 Rs and over speeding Of Car is to 1,000 to 2,000 Rs

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